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July 25, 2019 Sunita Kumari

Let’s face it. People have played online games since the inception of the Internet. With the emergence of mobile and smartphones there has been a tremendous transition to mobile games over the last 12 years. Before apps like GameForm users would simply play mobile games for fun to pass the time or for the social interaction and competition. It was rare or nonexistent that you could actually play games for real money and earn money online.

Even during the emergence of the app stores and more prominent mobile games, users would be hooked by in-app purchases. Buy more coins! Purchase more lives! With ssentially no return on investment. These apps and games have made hundreds of millions of dollars entertaining users. However, they haven’t given the user the opportunity to play games for real money.


With GameForm users finally have the ability to play simple mobile games for cash prizes and earn money online. GameForm is flipping the script on the mobile gaming experience and becoming the destination for casual and expert gamers.


Some of the most popular mobile games currently on the market share a lot of things in common. They are simple, have an attractive user interface and shorter gameplay. Games like Temple Run, Subway Surfer and Candy Crush have established great download and revenue metrics without being super complicated to play. GameForm allows users to play games for real money that are easy to learn and have short session times. This is super convenient for users as opposed to putting in hours to build up expertise in console games.

Another great feature for convenience with GameForm is the ability to choose from multiple games. GameForm is always adding new games from different genres and has something for every user. All the games are skill-based and always give the user the ability to play games for real money! Feel like you aren’t ready to play for cash immediately? No problem! GameForm offers practice shots to build your skill level and confidence.

Once users choose a game from the lobby they simply pay the entry fee and start playing. If users hit the set high score they will win the cash prize. It’s that easy to earn money online with GameForm!


After a user has built up their wallet balance they can cash out. GameForm only uses the most trusted payment platforms. A user must have an active PayPal account to cash out their winnings! It only takes three easy taps and your balance is on its way.


GameForm is setting a new standard for skill-based mobile gaming. If you want to play games for real money then download GameForm on the iOS App Store this July!


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