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Gamers are always looking for the opportunity to win money playing games online through consoles and mobile apps.

Mobile cash games that are skill-based are now legal in 38 out of the 50 United States. Gamers can now earn money online by playing on the GameForm App. Mobile Cash Games have come a long way since the early 2010’s with companies like DraftKings and FanDuel blazing a trail for skill-based games where users can actually win real cash prizes. GameForm will look to become the destination for skill-based mobile cash games.

GameForm will allow you to win money playing games in a Netflix type environment. GameForm App will rotate 15-25 hyper-casual games for the user to choose from on a weekly basis.

After that it’s easy! Simply select a game from the game lobby, pay the entry fee, and play for the high score. GameForm was built with the user and users trust in mind. Smooth navigation and easy deposits and withdrawals. On GameForm it’s easy to earn money online. All games are skill-based which means users can get better the more they play.

Through features like the GameForm Bonus Bar. Users get rewarded the more they play on a daily and weekly basis. After users fill up their bonus bar to 100% they will receive a special reward that could be up to $25 in bonus funds or plays. See more Bonus Bar feature details below. Users can already win money playing games on GameForm but they also get rewarded the more they refer friends. GameForm is introducing new and robust referral features so users can share GameForm with their friends and earn more cash bonuses!

Mobile cash games have become extremely popular. People play them to pass the time on their daily commute, waiting in line, before they go to bed and when they get bored. With GameForm they now have the opportunity to win money playing games. GameForm gives users the incentive to come back every day. With upcoming features like the Daily, Champion users have a chance to win a cash contest every day without paying for an entry fee. It’s a great way for casual users to earn money online playing mobile cash games. When they are ready users can, of course, deposit cash and start to have to play one of our amazing games.

GameForm App

The Bonus Bar Feature Details:

As a valued GameForm user you will be rewarded for daily and weekly activity on the app. Each time you play games, refer friends, etc. you Bonus Bar will fill up more and more. When you Bonus Bar hits 100% you will receive a special reward worth up to $25!

Ways to Fill Your Bonus Bar:

• Come back to GameForm daily
• Play games for cash
• Invite friends to GameForm


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