Simple Games

All the games on the GameForm platform are easy to learn with a great user experience. You don’t have to be an avid gamer to become a repeated cash winner with GameForm!


Cash Prizes

GameForm is all cash all the time. No more confusing e-currencies, tickets, jewels and gems. Just win and cash out anytime!



The games on GameForm are high-score based and ready to play any time of day. When you finish a game you know immediately whether or not you’re a cash winner. No waiting for other players or competitions to finish.


No Ads

Play without being bombarded with annoying pop-ups from the local pizza shop or ads from another game or app!


Secure Deposits

Deposit money in a safe and secure environment. We use only the most trusted and reliable payment systems on the market including PayPal and Apple Pay.


Easy Withdrawals

Withdraw your cash winnings anytime with easy access on the app. Integrated with PayPal for quick withdrawals.