GameForm Introduces Mobile Games for Cash!

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On average in the US people spend about 23 minutes per day playing mobile games. That equates to about 2.7 hours per week. People play easy mobile games to pass the time, during their commutes and to compete with friends. Taking a more macro view, there are now 2.5 billion gamers worldwide! That means about 33% of the world’s population is gaming on a regular basis. In 2019 mobile gaming revenue will grow 10.2% year over year to $68.5 billion with $54.9 billion of that coming from mobile games.

In 2019 the US will also overtake China as the world’s number one games market. One of the biggest paradigm shifts in the mobile gaming market over the past five years is the gaming laws that allow developers and companies the ability to offer skill-based mobile games for real cash prizes. The healthy year over year mobile gaming revenue growth has continued to be bolstered by in-app purchases and other sources of in-app revenue. So how do casual gamers get in on the action and actually play games for cash?

With the emergence of companies like Skillz and GameForm mobile gamers can now play those same casual games but instead of continuously dumping money into in-app purchases they can actually get a return on their money and Play Games For Cash. GameForm is flipping the script and changing the model for how casual mobile gamers are rewarded. No more collecting useless jewels, gems, badges and other types of e-currencies. GameForm can now offer users the ability to play easy mobile games for cash. All games are skill-based and users can get better the more they play.

GameForm will be introducing a number of new features after launching to the iOS App Store. When you start playing on GameForm you will have the ability to practice our skill-based games before you play games for cash. There is a tiering system in place that will allow new gamers to play games and feel confident as their skill set grows. More skilled gamers will have the option to play for higher entry fees and prizes.

By early 2020 GameForm plans to release the Android version to the Google Play Store. Then the entire mobile gaming market will be able to Play Easy Mobile Games on GameForm! GameForm is excited to create an environment and destination where all levels of gamers can play mobile games for cash on a trusted and easy to use platform. GameForm will look to have about 15-20 games live on the platform by early 2020. This will ensure a variety of all types of gaming appetites. Users of GameForm will also have the ability to earn free bonus cash by referring friends. Users can easily connect their contacts and invite their friends to play easy mobile games with just a few taps of their phone.

Keep an eye out for more announcements on our official launch date to the iOS App Store. We will also be announcing new features in the coming weeks and months like the Daily Champion. GameForm is excited to bring mobile gamers a platform to play easy Mobile Games For Cash prizes on a daily basis.


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