GameForm Launching to iOS App Store in July

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GameForm is a new mobile gaming platform that allows you to play games for cash! Play Easy Mobile Games at GameForm by downloading the app in the iOS App Store starting in July.

Unlike other platforms, GameForm is flipping the script and becoming a destination for casual and expert mobile gamers. The game lobby has smooth navigation with new games being added every week. No more pop-up ads and overwhelming amounts of text. Just select a game, pay the entry fee, play for the high score and win the cash prize. In the coming years, GameForm’s goal is to become the Netflix of mobile gaming for cash prizes. GameForm’s model will allow users to stay on one platform without having to download a new app each time they want to play a different game. Users can play games for cash while competing against their friends and climbing the weekly and all-time leaderboards.

GameForm is a skill-based mobile gaming platform. That means that the more you play the better you get! More skilled players will move up to higher tiers and get to play games for cash with larger prizes. The tiered system allows all players to compete in a fun, fair and competitive environment.


In order for users to earn and win money online at GameForm we allow users to practice all of our skill-based games before they play for actual cash prizes. A user is given practice shots that refresh every day so that you can knock the rust off before you play games for cash.

GameForm will be launching to iOS App Store and the iPhone for its initial release with plans to expand to the Android and Google Play platforms in early 2020. The initial launch to iOS will allow early adopters to learn the platform and refer friends. GameForm will be adding new games to the game lobby on a weekly basis starting in July. The goal is to keep a rotating variety of games so that every type of gamer has a chance to Play Games for Cash on a robust and competitive mobile app.

If you would like to join our closed beta and play games for cash prizes please email us at


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