How to Earn Money Instantly by Playing Games Online?

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Since the inception of the Internet, there have been many ways to earn money online and Mobile Games For Cash. People would take surveys, enter contests, do freelancing jobs, etc. In recent years playing games online, on consoles and on mobile for cash has emerged as a new competitive skill-based market.

With the advent of mobile games, there are new trends emerging every year. Simple mobile games which people use to pass the time are becoming more competitive by the day. GameForm has introduced a platform where casual gamers can earn money by winning simple skill-based mobile games.

There are many apps currently on the App Store that tout their easy to enter games and contests. These apps promise that you can earn money easily by simply installing them, linking your credit card and entering to play. However, these apps consist of multiple confusing virtual currencies like gems, coins, and jewels that make it very difficult for users to understand.

Most of the current apps out there lack an easy-to-use interface where users feel comfortable with their gameplay. You are expected to wait until a tournament ends to find out your results and possible winnings. This wait can be a major turn off for some users. When playing for cash prizes users want instant results and gratification.

GameForm is an incredibly robust platform that allows you to play simple skill-based mobile games for cash prizes in your free time. Users always know their entry fee and the set prize amount that they are playing to win. GameForm is extremely user-friendly and is great for casual gamers all the way up to professional gamers.

Below are some tips to make your GameForm experience easier:

1. Make Secure Deposits: Once you have joined our closed beta or downloaded GameForm on the iOS App Store (July 2019) you can deposit funds with your credit card or with Apple Pay. GameForm only uses the most trusted and secure payment gateways for transactions.
Make Secure Deposits

2. Enter Game Lobby: After creating your profile and depositing funds you can select from the numerous games on the game lobby. New and exciting skill-based games are added and updated regularly.
Enter Game Lobby

3. Practice Before Playing for Cash: We offer the user the ability to play the games for practice before entering a cash contest. Users are given a set amount of practice shots every 24 hours in order to build confidence and understand how to reach a high score.
Practice Before Playing for Cash

4. Play for Cash and the High Score: GameForm uses a very simple game-flow – Just beat the set high score and win the cash prize. The user will always know what the entry fee is to join a cash contest and the set high score they need to hit in order to win the cash prize. Players can play an unlimited amount of games and keep winning cash prizes if they beat the set high score. GameForm does not limit the number of games you can play!
Play for Cash

5. Withdraw Cash Prizes: Game Form allows you to cash out your balance at any time as long as it’s $10.00 or above. Users simply click the “cash out” button in the profile screen and type in their PayPal email address. The balance will then be sent to the users PayPal account.
Withdraw Cash Prizes

Gameform is a new and unique platform focussed on great user experience and enabling casual mobile gamers to compete on their mobile devices and win cash prizes. GameForm App is currently in closed beta and will be launching to the iOS App Store in July 2019.


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