How To Win Money Online On the GameForm App
August 18, 2019 Sunita Kumari

GameForm is the app where you can play mobile games for cash prizes! The GameForm app will be launching in early August 2019 to the iOS App Store with plans to expand into the Android market and Google Play Store in early 2020. GameForm was created with the vision that casual and avid mobile gamers needed a true destination. GameForm allows users to win real money online while playing simple mobile games.


Winning money on the GameForm app only takes a few taps of your finger. Simply open the app and choose a game from the game lobby. Then play a game for the high score and win the cash prize. GameForm was created to give gamers the ability to play mobile games for cash on a secure and competitive platform.


Mobile gamers traditionally did not have any way to win money online. They also want to figure out how they can utilize their skills to get paid. The truth is not everyone can be on a professional esports team making a million dollars per year. The majority of gamers are limited to only a few apps and platforms. But there’s nothing worse than wanting to play a new game and having to go to the app store, search, wait to download and put money on a new app. GameForm is a destination platform that gives users a diverse game selection and keeps all your money in one place. Play mobile games for cash and when you get bored of a game just navigate back to the game lobby and select a new one!


You can go to Google and type in “How to win money online” or you can just download the GameForm App on the iOS app store (in August) and save your precious time. There are a lot of options out there where gamers can win money online. However, GameForm is flipping the script and giving gamers an easy to navigate platform where cash contests are safe and secure. After you play and win our mobile games for cash it only takes three taps from the GameForm profile screen to cash out securely with PayPal.


GameForm only uses the most secure payment systems and platforms. When it comes to mobile games for cash users want the ability to cash out quickly, but they also want to know the money they deposited is secure. GameForm allows you to deposit money via a credit/debit card with Stripe processing and through Apple Pay.


Current GameForm Features Include:

Simple & Casual Games:

All the games on GameForm are easy to learn with a great user experience. You can be a casual gamer and still win money online with GameForm.

No Annoying Ads:

At GameForm we believe the user experience is everything. Play our mobile games for cash and focus on the high score without being bombarded with pop-ups from other websites and apps.


Real Cash Prizes:

GameForm is all cash all the time. No more confusing e-currencies, tickets, jewels and gems. Just simple mobile games for cash prizes with easy withdrawals through PayPal.


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