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July 14, 2019 Sunita Kumari
The mobile gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. According to MediaKix the mobile gaming industry accounted for more than half of all global gaming revenue in 2018 at $70.3 billion.

With the emergence of esports, mobile games have had explosive growth and become much more robust and popular for all types of gamers. A lot of casual gamers want to play easy mobile games for that quick dopamine release to win real cash online. Games like Pokemon Go, Candy Crush and Toon Blast are earning yearly revenues in the hundreds of millions and growing.

Enter GameForm! GameForm is the platform

 and destination where casual gamers and highly skilled gamers can come to play easy mobile games for cash prizes.

GameForm is excited to offer a new take on the mobile gaming experience. There are a lot of apps that allow users to play for badges, bragging rights and different e-currencies. But GameForm allows you to take your skill and turn it into actual cash prizes. Play easy mobiles games, hit the set high score and win cash prizes. Instead of downloading a new app every time you get tired of a game just browse the GameForm game lobby.

According to MediaKix, in 2018 U.S adults spent 3 hours and 35 minutes daily on their mobile devices. 23 of those minutes were spent playing mobile games. GameForm makes it easy to stay on one device and find a variety of different games to play.
In the days before mobile devices and the Google Play and iOS App Store it was very difficult to win real cash online. However, the GameForm model is flipping the script and giving the user more choices and easier ways to play easy mobile games that are skill-based for money. The better you get the more cash prizes you can win.

GameForm also allows you to see where you stand against other skilled players on the weekly and all-time leaderboards. With upcoming features like the bonus bar and daily champion users always have a new way to win on GameForm.

Current GameForm Features Include:

    • Simple and Easy to learn games:
      • All the games on the GameForm platform are easy to learn with a great user experience. You can be a casual gamer and still be a repeated cash winner with GameForm!


    • No Annoying Ads:

      • At GameForm we believe the user experience is everything. Play our games and focus on having a good time without being bombarded with pop-ups from other websites and apps.
  • Real Cash Prizes:
  • GameForm is all cash all the time. No more confusing e-currencies, tickets, jewels and gems. Just hit the high score and cash out with your PayPal account anytime.
New Upcoming Features!

The Bonus Bar:

  • As a valued GameForm user you will be rewarded for daily and weekly activity on the app. Each time you play games, refer friends, etc. your Bonus Bar will fill up. When you Bonus Bar hits 100% you will receive a special reward worth up to $25.

Ways to Fill Your Bonus Bar

  • Come back to GameForm on a daily and weekly basis
  • Play games for cash
  • Invite friends to GameForm
  • And much more!

GameForm will be launching to the iOS App Store in July, 2019. If you would like to join our closed beta and play easy mobile games for cash prizes please email us at:


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