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September 20, 2019 Sunita Kumari

Mobile games should be simple to learn and understand but tough to master. GameForm offers users the ability to play simple games for cash prizes that are increasingly fun yet highly competitive. GameForm is building a community of gamers with skill sets that range from beginner to novice to professional. Before apps like GameForm most gamers didn’t have money options to play games online for cash.

Gamers have always wanted to win money online. With the evolution of mobile games over the past decade and now the ability to play skill based games for real cash, all gamers have more options!

According to ironSource in 2012 mobile gaming was considered the smallest gaming segment. It is now projected to become a $100B industry by 2021. The global games market is already comprised of 2.3B gamers. The sky is the limit and developers continue to look for new ways for their users to play simple games to win cash.

The mobile gaming industry is growing quickly for numerous reasons. Growing adoption, more improved iterations of established games, and new games are a huge part of growth. Increased network speeds and the emergence of 5G will continue to make playing hyper casual games fun and easy. In simple terms…the better the networks become, the better the mobile gaming experience will be!

GameForm is looking to become the Netflix style destination where you can play simple games for cash prizes and win money online. The GameForm model is simple. Select a game from our lobby, pay the entry fee and play for the high score. It’s a great way to pass the time and play games online for cash.

GameForm plans to grow with the mobile gaming space and eventually to the esports space. GameForm wants to first service an incredible community and user-base of hyper casual gamers who want to play simple cash games. Once that niche is established GameForm will continue to innovate, evolve and grow with the gaming markets. Below is a preview of some of our features that will be included in version one launching to the Apple App Store in August 2019. By spring to early summer 2020 GameForm plans to release their Android version to the Google Play Store. Then the entire mobile gaming market will be able to play easy mobile games on GameForm!

Easy to Learn Games: All the games on the GameForm platform are easy to learn with a great user experience. You can be a casual gamer and still play simple games for real cash on our platform.

No Annoying Ads: At GameForm we believe the user experience is everything. Play our games and focus on the high score without being bombarded with pop-ups from other websites and apps.

Real Cash Prizes: GameForm is all cash all the time. No more confusing e-currencies, tickets, jewels and gems. Just hit the high score and cash out with your PayPal account anytime. GameForm is a great way to win money online and cash out in a trusted and secure environment.

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